Tutu App for Android Download

Tutu App for Android Download

Tutu App for Android Download: There are lots of third party apps nowadays which can serve almost all the service that official app stores give. Android has lots of customization and reachability which makes it very easy for developers to develop their own apps for Android OS.

Hundreds of third-party app store are available for Android but today we are going to talk about one of the most popular third-party apps. This app is becoming a trending topic in the app community and there are millions of people who are interested in this app.

Tutu App for Android Download

The name of the app is Tutu app. This app is great and can give you all the awesome experience you want in a third party app store. So let’s talk about this app. I will also talk about how you can download Tutu app in your Android smartphone later in this article.

Tutu App

One of the reasons why Tutu app is gaining lots of popularity is that of the trending app called Pokemon Go. I’m sure you know about Pokemon Go and how the hype goes around the world. You can get the Plus version of Pokemon Go in Tutu app without any cost. In fact, all the apps available in Tutu App are available for free.

So all those paid apps available in Google Play store might not check your whitelist but all those apps can be easily downloaded for free in Tutu App.

The user interface of the app can be a little hard because the language of the app is in Chinese. But once you get used to it and remember all the buttons to download apps, you will face no issue.

Update of Tutu App

Update of Tutu App brings the accessibility of Google translator which can translate all the Chinese words in English. You just need to have Google Translator Installed on your Android smartphone.

Tutu App is compatible with Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean and above.

Now I will guide you how you can download and install Tutu App in your Android smartphone. This method works 100% on a working Android smartphone.

Tutu App for Android

  1. First Go to your Android Settings > Security which located under the “personal” label.
  2. Tap on Security and Security options will open. Simply Enable the unknown sources.
  3. Now that you have enabled unknown sources, you can download app files from third party websites without any barrier.
  4. Open Google Chrome browser using your Android smartphone and type “Tutu App download”.
  5. Now tap on the search bar and you will get lots of results.
  6. Select the site where you will get the latest version of Tutu app  and make sure it has no bug problem.
  7. Now simply tap on the download button to start downloading the app file of Tutu app.
  8. You will get a notification when Tutu app Apk will be downloaded on your Android smartphone.
  9. Tap on that notification and you will get to the installation screen.
  10. Tap on the install button and allow every pop-up if they come.
  11. Wait for a few seconds and Tutu app will get Installed on your Android smartphone.

Now you can download and install paid apps for free using Tutu app.

xVideoServiceThief Download – Full Tutorial & Information

xVideoServiceThief Download with Full Tutorial & Information: It is a video downloader that lets you download online videos from over 90 websites. This is a software that single-handedly lets you download videos from multiple sources. So, you won’t have to download specific youtube video downloader for every website, just download xvideoServicethief video downloader and you’re all set.

Originally, the video will be downloaded in FLV format which can, however, be changed to your desired format. xVideoServiceThief supports an array of formats such as AVI, MP3, FLV, WMV etc. So if you’re someone who just wants to listen to the audio and doesn’t care about the visual part of the video, you can download it into the MP3 format. Also, if you’re someone who wants to play the download video on a mobile device, you can convert the video to FLV or some appropriate format.

xVideoServiceThief Download

xVideoServiceThief – Full Information

The software was developed in 2008 and since then it is ruling the market. You’ll find a lot of videos downloading Software in the market but none of them offers so many features as xVideoServiceThief does. From downloading the videos to converting them into any format, xVideoServiceThief can do to all. You can download it here. 

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There are some advanced bandwidth settings in the Software that lets you download videos at high speed with the same internet connection. You can configure the software in a lot of ways that will help you get better quality videos at a better speed.

Also, there’s a protection feature for children. This protection feature restricts adult contents or videos from adult sites to be downloaded. SO if your kid uses this software, just turn on the feature and you won’t need to worry about him downloading videos he’s not supposed to.

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xVideoServiceThief Download – Full Tutorial

After you’ve downloaded xVideoServiceThief, here’s how you’ll have to use in order to download videos:-

  1. Copy the URL of the video that you want to be downloaded.
  2. Open xVideoServiceThief. Paste the copied URL by clicking on “Add video” and hit enter.
  3. The video will now begin downloading. You can see the progress, time remaining, completion percentage, and the speed while the video is being downloaded.
  4. AT the bottom, you can see the video count. You can add multiple videos for downloading. Also, you can set the videos to be downloaded simultaneously as per your needs and bandwidth.
  5. At the right of the window, you can see various options. There’s an option to delete the video which will delete the progress permanently. Secondly, you have the pause the start buttons, you can pause the downloading any time and again restart it by clicking on the start button. Moving below, you get “cancel download” option which cancels the download at any time if you click on it. Lastly, you have the clear list option that clears up the progress screen. Also, you can click on “Clear completed” if you want to clear up the ones that are downloaded.
  6. Wait for the video to finish downloading. At last, you can convert it to any format.