Shareit app download free for Android latest version 2017

Sharing apps are very much famous and popular nowadays. One of them is SHAREit. It is an amazing app and is one of the fastest ways for you to share your audios, videos, image, apps and all other stuff among different devices. Developed by Lenovo, this app removes all the need of cables or any phone network, you don’t need Bluetooth and not even any active Wi-Fi Network to transfer any of your things across the devices.

SHAREit App Features:

  • Share among groups: SHAREit has a feature with the help of which you can share music, videos, and images in a group of upto 5 devices simultaneously.
  • No such limitations on the size: With the help of this app you can even share big files and videos and that too with a great speed which is claimed to be 40 times faster than what you have with Bluetooth.
  • Self Sharing: If the other devices don’t have this app, you can share this app also.
  • Extremely Fast Transfer: its high transfer speed is its biggest advantage.
  • Automatically Detects: For sharing you need to connect devices for which sender needs to detect receiver which is pretty easily achieved.
  • No needs for you to use cable neither Bluetooth requires and  nor Active Wi-Fi: SHAREit allows devices to connect wirelessly directly and thus eliminating the need of any cables, Bluetooth and active Wi-Fi Connection to share anything among different devices.
  • It is a cross-platform Transmission Tool: SHAREit application supports a wide range of devices like android, tablets, iPad, iPhone and even Windows PCs.
  • Connection to internet not required: No internet connection, no charges this app is completely free for you to use.
  • You can even invite your friends easily with the help of this app and that even in one click.
  • It’s completely secure as no one could send you anything without your approval.
  • It supports android 2.2, supporting such lower android version is another of its quality.

shareit app

What you need to have?:

  • First of all you need to install SHAREit in both the device between which sharing is going to take place.
  • Then one device needs to be sender and other be the receiver according to your requirement.
  • Select the receiver device and send your files to him.
  • Your file will get shared after a while.


As we said that this app is available on the Google playstore, so can be downloaded easily from there by just following these steps:

  • Firstly, make sure that you have a nice internet connection and also check that you have the Google playstore with you.
  • Next you need to open your playstore app and then click on the search option at the top.
  • After that search for your app by typing “SHAREit”.
  • There will be a number of results related to your search result; open the one you which you are looking for. It must be at the top if you have searched correctly.
  • There you will see an icon saying install in green color. Tap on it to start your download.
  • It may ask you to accept something before the download initiated, it is actually asking for some permission that it would require for its working. Tap on accept and your download will start after that.
  • Then you got to wait till your app gets downloaded.
  • After that it will get installed in your device and will take few seconds.
  • Now share your favorite pics, videos and other things with your friends and others whenever you want.


SHAREit is indeed an amazing app and has lots of features. Using this app you can share whatever you want from one device to the other. In this article we told you enough about this app and even told you the step-wise manner of how you can download it. Now you can follow the above steps and download this wonderful app so later you can share your apps easily with your friends. Now you can go through those steps and download this wonderful sharing app in your device and enjoy sharing!

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